How to update the theme without losing TiePanel Settings ?

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  • Update using Envato ToolKit:
    Envato has developed the Envato Toolkit Plugin for WordPress. You can use it to receive notification of updates to themes purchased from ThemeForest and to automatically update themes directly from within your WordPress admin area:

    1. Download the plugin zip file to your computer.
    2. In your WordPress admin area, go to (Plugins >> Add New >> Upload plugin).
    3. Click “Choose File”, select the plugin zip file you downloaded and click “Install Now”.
    4. After installation, click “Activate”.
    5. Click the new “Envato Toolkit” link in the menu and follow the instructions to configure the plugin.
  • Update manually via WordPress admin panel::
    1. Download the most current version from ThemeForest in the “Downloads” area of your account.
    2. Unzip the package and locate the installable theme .zip file in the main folder (for example it will be named
    3. Go to (WordPress Dashboard >> Appearance >> Themes) and activate another theme such as the default WordPress theme.
    4. Delete the TieLabs theme which is now inactive.
    5. Click on “Install theme” >> “Upload” and activate the theme.
  • Update manually via FTP:
    You will need to connect to your website throw FTP client, you can use “FileZilla Client” for this.Check this tutorial to get started with FileZilla, then follow these steps:

    • Navigate to this directory (/wp-content/themes/theme-name/).
    • Delete all files under this directory.
    • Upload the new theme files in the same directory.
    Note: All your theme settings in “TiePanel” are saved within the database not files, so you will not lose any of these settings even if you deleted the theme files, BUT any direct edit to the theme files (.php and .css) will be overwritten after uploading the new theme files, so it’s highly recommended to take back-up of your old theme files in case you edited them.
    Note: Don’t change the theme folder name “theme-name” in this directory (wp-content/themes/theme-name), when you update the theme, make sure you delete the old version files and upload the new ones without renaming the theme folder name in order not to lose your sidebar and widgets settings.