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  • Go to Arqam options page and from Instagram Settings box, click on Get Access Token button.4Copy the URL in your address bar because you will use it in the next steps as your  “Valid redirect URIs”.
  • Make sure you are logged into and then visit
  • Click on the Manage Clients, as shown below.1If this is the first time you are adding an app or plugin, Instagram will ask you a few questions. You can enter these responses, click “Sign Up”, and then click “Manage Clients” again:Your website:
    Enter your website URL
    Phone number:
    Enter your phone number
    What do you want to build with the API?
    A plugin for my WordPress website.sign-up
  • Register your WordPress site by click the “Register a New Client” button.register-client
  • Fill in the “Register new OAuth Client” form with the following information and click “Register”:
  • Copy the Client ID and Client Secret.3– Go to Arqam options page and click on Get Access Token button.4– Fill the Instagram App info form and click on Submit button.5– It will redirect you to Instagram Authorization Request page .. Enter your Email and password and click on Authorize button.6

    – It will redirect you back to the Arqam Settings page.