How can I translate the theme into my language?

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  • First you will need to make sure that WordPress is already set to be loaded in your language, go to (WordPress Dashboard >> Settings >> General) check “Site Langauge” and select your website language from there.
  • Then you will need to download POedit application to translate the theme language files.
  • Theme language files are located at (/wp-content/themes/your-tielabs-theme/languages/)
  • Download the “default.po” file and translate it using POedit app.
  • When you save the .po language file make sure you are renaming it to adapt your language locale code, for example to save the .po language file in Arabic, rename it to ar.po, to find a full list of the language codes, check this link.
  • When you save the .po file, POedit will automatically generate a .mo file too, you will need to upload both files to the same theme language directory (/your-tielabs-theme/languages/) .